It's A Lonely View
"We live alone, we die alone. Everything else is an illusion." -The Art of Getting By
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im in the mood to buy 1000 brand new sweaters

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in my head:constructs witty and insightful answers to interview questions for when I'm famous
ordering at a restaurant:please I the soup want


if someone from the internet wants to meet me cool alright im down but i just hope they’re not expecting much cause im even uglier in person

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people who survive the summer with long hair are surviving the apocalypse 

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What is a flotation tank?

500 kg of Epsom salts are added to 1000 litres of water, creating a 30 cm deep solution, which is heated to 35.5 degrees C (skin temperature).

The temperature of the water means that once you are settled in the tank, it is virtually impossible to distinguish between parts of the body that are in contact with the water, and those that aren’t, in effect “fooling” the brain into believing that the person is floating in mid-air.




Now that I’m an adult I have to make more serious posts


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Benedict Cumberbatch for BAFTA - In Focus: Acting [x]

"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter.
Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

                    — Samuel Beckett

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